Pulling Out Red From My Sexe

Pulling Out Red From My Sexe is an emotionally charged tableau comprised of a video installation and interactive performance. This diptych examines various documents regarding black femininity that Marcelline used as reference points during her/their intimate process of self actualization. On the wall, a video installation composed of 12 sequences of one minute vignettes derived from Audre Lorde’s Power of The Erotic and Sojourner Truth’s Ain’t I A Woman will play while in the real space Marcelline will perform rituals contemplating physical concepts of femininity such as motherhood, breast ironing and clothing that she witnessed in her birthplace of Cameroon. With the body of the artist acting as a diasporic liferaft floating between the Western and Eastern worlds, the audience will be taken on a dynamic journey that confronts with both a projected spiritual image and an embodiment of womanism.