Greater Sight & Sound

Bromo Tower Arts & Entertainment and Lexington Market are excited to present Greater Sight & Sound, an interactive multimedia installation by Baltimore-based artist Rachael London. The installation uses a once empty stall (formerly Starkey Bros. Prime Meats stand behind Pandora’s Box stand) in Lexington’s Market’s East Market. Greater Sight & Sound will continue to gather and showcase voice and[…]



Tara Fournier is the the mind, body, and spirit behind the sound of Beastmaster. She plays “on the spot” and takes techno and noise to a level of unpredictable controlled chaos. She has played locally in Baltimore since 2005 at underground venues such as The Bank, The Hexagon, and Floristree and continues to cultivate an[…]



Ponyo is the solo project of Antonio Harper, born & raised in Baltimore but a recent New York transplant. His synth/pop sound comes from his love of multiple genres, including House, Shoegaze, Pop and UK grime.



Since 2005, Baronhawk has served as an Artistic Director, DJ, and producer for Urban Artistry Inc., a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization. In partnership with U Street Music Hall, he has opened for artists such as: Disclosure, Oscar G, Grandmaster Flash and local DC legend Sam “The Man” Burns. He has held residencies with U Street Music[…]


Chonko Spirit

CHONKO SPIRIT will perform a short one-woman play, interchanging the roles of comedienne, dancer, fishing guide, cheerleader. This will be an act that will make you say, huh, what WAS that?! 



Floweraxe, by Alex D’A and Noelle Talbot, is a dance that moves from seance, ritual, and storytelling in order to conjure and release of the otherworldly for Transmodern attendees.


Pastel Witch

Friday at The Current Space Jake Bee, the witch, will perform a series of actions durationally accompanied by a variety of mystically charged texts.  The piece is an exploration of the connections between spoken incantation vs. recorded incantation, the witch as a culturally empowered other vs. the queer other, the sacred ritual vs. the mundane[…]



Playing Sunday at the Post Parade Performances Transcendental audio/visual rock duo Darsombra have packed and prepared their shuttle for launch, readying themselves for journey to inner space. Brian Daniloski (a veteran of metal bands Meatjack and Trephine), pilots, navigates, and controls the sound of Darsombra, alternating between searing guitar riffs, leads, loops, mammoth vocal swells, and[…]