2015 Transmodern Festival

This year marks the 12th anniversary of The Transmodern Performance Festival. Located in Baltimore, Maryland, the Transmodern Performance Festival is a cultural phenomenon presenting radical, experimental, expectation-defying work from local, national and international artists. The Festival represents communities and artists who defy cultural normative practices and disciplines.

This year schedule is filled with the expectation defying performances you love, check it out.


We are activating spaces that contain both the past and the future, come see.

Thanks to everyone!

from the TM2015 Team!

More Information

  • Parade

    The Parade kicks off from Current Gallery’s Backlot at 7pm and moves through downtown Baltimore, join Fluid Movement, the Barrage Band Orchestra, lanterns, hoopers and YOU. Check out the Workshops, FREE! All ages welcome!

  • Events, Spaces and Performances

    There are both paid and free happenings at the TM Festival, please check the schedule link above.

  • Tickets

    You can purchase tickets in advance on this website, or at the door. Occansionally, events sell out. Tickets details are coming shortly!

2015 Organizers

Laure Drogoul
Sandylee Triolo
Jaime Kauffman

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