Nonument Baltimore: The McKeldin Fountain in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor Mckeldin Square is the first action in a public space of the NONUMENTS project, a long term research project by MoTA, with Martin Bricelj and Neja Tomsiç in collaboration with Lisa Moren and Jaimes Meyhew, as part of a Fellowship with the Imaging Research Center (IRC) at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC). McKeldin Square is zoned a free speech area by the City of Baltimore and has a long history as a site of protest including “Occupy Baltimore” and the “Black Lives Matter” movement in relation to the death of Freddy Grey when the National Guard came to this site. Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.07.59 PM

On 4 October 2015, at 4pm at the Current Space, Nonuments group will organize a collective action by building mini-monument models of The McKeldin Fountain as a workshop. Based on the various primitive shapes of the brutalist architecture of the Fountain itself, we will create experiential models while discussing and sharing stories about this the complexity of this public space. At the end of the Transmodern parade, we will illuminate the mini-monuments and float them in the Fountain.

Nonuments is a long term research project by MoTA (Museum of Transitory Art), Lubjana, Slovenia, that addresses hidden monuments and spaces that carry symbolic value in physical, mental and virtual landscapes. The purpose of its artistic productions and research is to define of the role of monuments today, especially the ways in which societies mark important moments within a location through landmarks and thus inscribing them into collective urban landscapes. The research and artistic production address questions of memory, representation, semantics and other aspects of monumentalism, as well as an attempt to publicly address the perception of public space and its role in urban everyday life.

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