Heed the Call
The Transmodern Parade Call for entries

Celebrate the ancestors whose energies still dance among us. Make and bring offerings for the loved ones who now dwell in the Great Beyond. Spook the spirits of Baltimore’s many histories that haunt our town! We invite your memories and creations to this spectral procession. Send your questions, ideas and proposals for floats, costumes, moving performances and other transcendental extravaganza to: tmodparade@gmail (or use form below) Artist stipends available

The Event

The Parade begins at Twilight on Sunday, October 4th 2015 and meanders along an infinity loop through downtown Baltimore.

About Us

This year marks the 12th anniversary of The Transmodern Performance Festival, located in Baltimore, Maryland. The Transmodern Festival is a cultural phenomenon presenting radical, experimental, expectation-defying work from local, national and international artists. The Festival’s mission is to represent communities and artists who defy cultural normative practices and disciplines from Baltimore and beyond.

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