Lucrezia Blozia

lucrezia Photo Credit: Todd Franson.

Photo Credit: Todd Franson.

Lucrezia Blozia has been part of the alt. perv-formance scene in DC, Baltimore, New York and LA for the past 15+ years (starting at the tender age of 6, when Mom and Dad, who were monkey trainers, confiscated the depilatory and thrust little Lucrezia into the spotlight after Bobo ate a bad banana). A founding member of DC’s premiere pervpunk theatre company, Cherry Red Productions, Lucrezia’s currently popping pasties as an up and comer in the burlesque world as well as doing some solo musical comedy work. Mx. Blozia is a regular cast member of Elvis Birthday Fight Club and Glit-O-Rama and is killing it as Laura Bush in “Laura Bush Killed A Guy”.