7th Annual Transmodern Festival April 15 – April 18, 2010
  • Virginia Warwick – Olivia the Sea Turtle


    IMG_0512Virginia Warwick graduated from Rinehart School of Sculpture in May of 2008 where she started using fictional narratives transforming them into surreal performances and sculptures, giving voice to those who cannot speak, giving life to inanimate objects. Dressed as a squirrel or sea turtle she empowers the creature and makes people aware of non-human life forms. In her most recent work, she has focused on Olivia the Sea Turtle. One can find Olivia trying to blend in along side humans while picking up a gig bartending or serving fish at a party. Adopting the role of an artist, Olivia creates art based upon how humans perceive sea life.

    Olivia the sea turtle has been on land for over a year now, navigating her way around trying to fit in and blend into a human lifestyle as best she can. She has adopted the role of an artist as a way to express her heart ache for her separation from her soon to be ex wife Arial the mermaid. To catch you up to date: Olivia arrived on land a year ago when she discovered her wife, Arial the mermaid cheating on her with a merman. Olivia went out to a local bar with her best friend Sebastian, got hammered, blacked out and some how arrived on land. Olivia has since then remained making herself accustomed to human life trying to fit in as best she can to escape a direct confrontation with Arial.

    For the Pedestrian Service Exquisite Olivia plans on dressing as a pirate and looting booty. That’s what people expect to see on a water front, right? Pirates?

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