7th Annual Transmodern Festival April 15 – April 18, 2010


    4401894140_6e4f28d920Rock Angels
    The look for this work was first sparked by images of the glamrock band, Angel, who performed in the 1970′s. I want embellish this vision of “Rock Angels” consisting of two men and two women. The angel costumes they wear will be part Ice Capades, part Glam, and part TV Evangelist. For the mustached long haired male half of the quartet, the garb aims to be stylishly emasculating. Among the materials I have chosen for construction is glissenette, a transparent flesh colored stretch fabric used in figure skating. I also plan on using lots of satin stretch, feathers, artificial birds, sequins, and cross pendants.  The participants will be carrying small harps and lutes. They will randomly choose a subject of their affection and follow and serenade the onlooker for extended periods of time. Other angel activities will develop as the vision is materialized.

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