7th Annual Transmodern Festival April 15 – April 18, 2010


    l_091121_0Elizabeth Fuller is a mixed media artist and designer of wearable technology at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Department. Fuller mixes her background in communications and web development with her current work in physical computing and wearable technology to design instinctual interactive wearable devices. Recently she has been coordinating FashionCamp NY, a biannual unconference for participants throughout the fields of fashion and technology to discuss the future of fashion. She is now researching her thesis on liminal wearable interfaces.

    Walking Home
    Walking Home is a dress that plays sounds from a garden as the wearer negotiates their urbane environment. While walking in the dress, the wearer is in a transitional space between west coast and east coast, nature and city scape, family unit and individual–two environments, two coasts, two homes.

    The dress plays recordings from the artist’s garden in California taken by the artist’s sister. These recordings are triggered by switches sewn into the dress. By moving in the dress, the wearer activates the switches. Thus, by walking in the dress, the wearer walks in two different environments: the physical cityscape, and the audio environment of the artists garden in California.

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