7th Annual Transmodern Festival April 15 – April 18, 2010


    4321869664_4aa3300099The Copycat Theatre is a new DIY experimental theatre located in the Copycat warehouse, focusing on building community and dialogue through theatre and performance. We aim to alter traditional conventions of space, movement, tension, language, and sound through theatre and collaborative experiences. We use performance as a device to transform the organization of power within society from a competitive, hierarchical structure to cooperative and communal expression. Believe the unbelievable.

    The Pastiks
    This project is inspired by the toxicity of our water and the humans’ relationship to the waste they create. The Pacific Trash Vortex that accumulates waste into giant plastic islands has inspired us. Our story involves an evolved form of bacteria that is spawned from the manufactured detritus that makes up their homeland. The species descending from this evolved bacteria, tentatively called the “Pastiks”, journey away from their plastic island in hopes to find their creator and understand their origins. They trace toxic chemical pathways back to Baltimore’s Inner harbor. Where they finally descend upon modern civilization.
    We propose to create a theatrical performance installation involving heavily costumed plastic creatures (the Pastiks). These Costumed figures will emerge from a giant plastic bag tapestry that floats in the Chesapeake Bay and spills onto land. Some Pastiks are connected to this floating island where they dance and drum with plastic water jugs, creating a choreographed ritual. Other Pastiks leave to interact with Baltimore’s humans’, asking tourists questions that aim at finding their creator and the purpose of their existence. Simultaneously the Performers will be interacting with anything plastic they encounter as a means to answer these questions. We hope for these performances to provoke thoughts about peoples ‘contributions to the pollution of the Harbor and the ways it will effect the world that we are a part of.

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