7th Annual Transmodern Festival April 15 – April 18, 2010


    Scott and girlsScott Pennington lives in a world of part time jobs, full time jobs, financial responsibilities, the nonstop ticking of the clock and a paradox looming at every corner. He is currently in the midst of a minor crisis. The paradigm through which he interprets external reality is wildly swinging back and forth between a nicely organized and compartmentalized outlook on the world to a puzzling and curious view in which all borders and segregations between seemingly unrelated items has been removed. Simultaneously he is reflecting on the purpose and meaning of ‘work’ in general. Are the things we do, be it at your day job or in your studio, understandable to the masses? Do they need to be? Are these tasks we perform necessary to the greater population of our city and if so do people recognize and appreciate this? Are these tasks meaningless to anyone other than ourselves and possibly a few others? We must keep doing things in order to get to the next thing but are we doing the right thing? This is the dilemma at hand.

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