Rooms Fall Apart: A Serious Play


Room Fall Apart: A Serious Play is an immersive performance organized by SEAPP (SEAPP: Ada Pinkston, Person Ablach, Pilar Díaz, Sophia Mak and Victor FM Torres). We are hoping to unite diverse communities of artists and audiences and deal with social issues particular to Baltimore. In this performance, the audience encounters a non linear arrangement of 22 simultaneous performances that will unlock emotions for which we have no words.
From anxiety, to happiness, to confusion, Rooms Fall Apart highlights the human emotions that are not legitimized by our dominant culture. This performance will address social issues that are relevant to the disconnected and fragmented social worlds of Baltimore. This project aims to deconstruct systems of oppression that we all encounter on a daily basis.
Immersive installations mirror spaces of home, the street, the greenhouse, as well as imaginative, abstract environments.  As a socially-engaged work of experimental theatre, Rooms Fall Apart is a uniquely magical experience; combining collaboration and conversation with visual artistry and performance experimentation, some adult content.

Come to Rooms Fall Apart and be ready to embark upon this journey! – Parental supervision required


RFA is not theatre.

RFA is not a play.

RFA is a game.

RFA is not a ride.

RFA is a trap.

RFA is not a massage.

RFA is a work out.

RFA is not a spa.

RFA is boot camp.

RFA is Serious Play