Talbolt Johnson

Since the age of 18 in 2005, movement as a form of expression has been an integral aspect of Talbolt Johnson’s everyday study and experience. Starting off as a painter, Johnson began exploring methods of expression and observation that follow our ability to transfer messages in deeper forms. This led him to exploring a life in dance. From using dance as a way to get by, to finding a place in the Baltimore community as a teacher of the youth, Talbolt, aka Bolt3000, has discovered that his place in life and in art is through expressive motion. Johnson began performing professionally as soon as 2007, and teaching in BCPS and dance studios around Baltimore since 2009. Since then, he has been featured at venues such as The Baltimore Aquarium, The Creative Alliance, JHU, among numerous others. From festivals and underground events, to community organizations and churches, Talbolt found himself using dance in every facet of culture in Baltimore and surrounding cities on the east coast. As a member of the international dance crew, Gstyle, Johnson has learned the intricate culture, technique, and history behind the street dance form known as Popping. His passion for his expertise, and his vision to inspire others has led him to formulate narrative performances that speak about the archetypal aspects of the human experience. Bolt3000 has developed, from his observations, methods to promote and enhance an individual’s relationship to their sense of body knowledge, and even deeper, their sense of self. With his performing and instruction, he aspires to add to generating a movement devoted to breaking the day to day boundaries we all experience as beings who need to express. Featured in the City Paper, and as a guest on the Marc Steiner show, WEAA, this year Johnson is continuing to pave a way to build a platform that will bring the people he meets an opportunity to be natural once more, and learn about themselves and life in the process.