Reverend Valentine

Reverend Valentine began her stage career as a preacher but was told that using a feather “Boa” Rev. ValentineDID NOT count as snake handling so she was excused from the church and told to put her shirt back on. The next day she put on her big girl britches (the kind of clean ones) and set off for DC where began her burlesque career and realized she had a God given talent for putting the “Holy” in “Holy Crap!” She is the founder of Capital Tassels and Tease, The director of Dr. Sketchy’s DC, the co-Producer of Valentine Candy Burlesque and V.C. Variety and a world renowned cat wrangler. Once deemed the Major General of the confusion boner, Reverend Valentine will leave you scared, confused, turned on and feeling a little bit dirty and ashamed, just like a drunken one night stand.