DVA-portraitPerforming in Radiant Matter

Bára Kratochvílová and Jan Kratochvíl have carved out a niche with their rich, complex musical landscape. Established in 2006, the Czech project have toured the world and received numerous awards for their idiosyncratic “pop for non-existing radios” or “folklore of non-existing nations.” With three acclaimed albums under their belt, an award for best soundtrack, and a growing global fanbase, DVA are one of the most successful Czech bands to emerge in the last decade.

Their latest album, Nipomo, is “fun and playful, an upbeat tech-folk assembled from loops, field recordings and saxophone… Sounds of ping-pong, oceans and birds float in and out, making this music a celebration of nature. In fact, DVA’s music could have been composed by some mythical forest creature who only comes out when spring turns to summer. It’s strange, but engaging, pleasant music that comes from a complete joy of living.” (The Big Takeover)