Tara Fournier is the the mind, body, and spirit behind the sound of Beastmaster. She plays “on the spot” and takes techno and noise to a level of unpredictable controlled chaos. She has played locally in Baltimore since 2005 at underground venues such as The Bank, The Hexagon, and Floristree and continues to cultivate an[…]



Ponyo is the solo project of Antonio Harper, born & raised in Baltimore but a recent New York transplant. His synth/pop sound comes from his love of multiple genres, including House, Shoegaze, Pop and UK grime.

Graham Hatke

Graham Hatke

Graham Hatke is a resident DJ of a longstanding Baltimore tradition and dance party “4 Hours of Funk” that has brought a diverse crowd of dancers together one night a month for the last 6 years. He has actively played a mixture of funk, disco, house and techno for over 15 years including regular sets[…]



Since 2005, Baronhawk has served as an Artistic Director, DJ, and producer for Urban Artistry Inc., a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization. In partnership with U Street Music Hall, he has opened for artists such as: Disclosure, Oscar G, Grandmaster Flash and local DC legend Sam “The Man” Burns. He has held residencies with U Street Music[…]


Lucrezia Blozia

Lucrezia Blozia has been part of the alt. perv-formance scene in DC, Baltimore, New York and LA for the past 15+ years (starting at the tender age of 6, when Mom and Dad, who were monkey trainers, confiscated the depilatory and thrust little Lucrezia into the spotlight after Bobo ate a bad banana). A founding[…]

Maria Bella

Maria Bella

Maria Bella, Baltimore’s Sicilian Queen, is a founder of Gilded Lily Burlesque. She is a producer, trumpet player and burlesque performer whose acts are a mix of classic, cabaret and neo-burlesque. In her native Baltimore she has entertained audiences at such venues as The Creative Alliance, the Ottobar, Load of Fun Theater, The Windup Space,[…]


Tapitha Kix

Tapitha Kix is a founding member and producer of the Baltimore-based Troupe, Twisted Knickers. In addition to Burlesque, she is a classically trained dancer, performing traditional ballet, tap and jazz. She fuses her dance background with her acts and often tap dances while she strips. Tapitha is also the only known Burlesque dancer since the[…]

Rev. Valentine

Reverend Valentine

Reverend Valentine began her stage career as a preacher but was told that using a feather “Boa” DID NOT count as snake handling so she was excused from the church and told to put her shirt back on. The next day she put on her big girl britches (the kind of clean ones) and set[…]


Wedji TuCheeks

Wedji TuCheeks is a strolling character created by veteran performer, Mab Just Mab. Mab has over 20 years experience on stage, performing music, dance, comedy, sideshow, and variety entertainment. She entertains patrons with stories, jokes, and sideshow feats that will stun and amaze! She teaches kids and adults alike that it doesn’t matter what you look[…]


Talbolt Johnson

Since the age of 18 in 2005, movement as a form of expression has been an integral aspect of Talbolt Johnson’s everyday study and experience. Starting off as a painter, Johnson began exploring methods of expression and observation that follow our ability to transfer messages in deeper forms. This led him to exploring a life[…]