Baltimore Traces: Bromo Speaks

The Baltimore Traces project focuses on how art and development have affected the history and culture of the westside of downtown Baltimore. We seek to understand the stories of the past and amplify the voices of the present in developing better ways to envision the city’s future. UMBC students (Department of American Studies)will present maps[…]


Refraction Shadows. Reversed Time

Showing Thursday Evening 9pm at the Current Space Backlot. This program is composed of short experimental works by contemporary filmmakers from around the world. These 7 works weave through and explore inner narratives of history, war, nature and the epic and fragile nature of life. Curator: Margaret Rorison MANY THOUSANDS GONE, Ephraim Asili, USA, 2015,[…]

The Sound of Shadows

There is unseen, but there is also unsaid. The stories that go unheard unless you’re in the right room to listen to them. They loom. Revealed at 3am between forbidden lovers. Blurted after dusk after a few glasses of wine, or too many beers at the bar. Tucked away in journals with paper pages stained[…]

Young Coconut

Young Coconut

Performing in Radiant Matter Young Coconut is a Baltimore-based dj. She co-hosts Pony Island, a biweekly radio show that has been on Radio CPR, a community-powered radio station in Washington D.C., for five years. She loves SHOWSPACE, a weekly listing of DIY shows in Baltimore.

deep dream_Amanda Schmidt

Amanda Schmidt

Performing in Radiant Matter Amanda Schmidt is a musician and atmospheric visionary who has lived in Baltimore since 2007. She is interested in creating beautiful immersive environments in which  sounds, visions, feelings, smells, and/or tastes merge together to evoke heightened states of nostalgia and childhood euphoria. Sometimes playful and silly, sometimes meditative and surreal, she[…]


Horse Lords

Performing in Radiant Matter Horse Lords is the quartet of Andrew Bernstein, Max Eilbacher, Owen Gardner and Sam Haberman. The band transmutes experimental tactics (polyrhythm, arcane tunings and modular synthesis) into direct, muscular and surprisingly funky songs. The result is an ambitious sound with the volume, energy and density of great rock music but an[…]


The Feminine Divine

The Feminine Divine seeks to honor our mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, cousins, friends and all of our fallen women ancestors that are gone but still with us today. The artists will create other worldly environments via video projections and will transport us beyond the terrestrial space and into the unknown universe through enigmatic soundscapes.  The[…]

The Unbearable Lightness of Roy

The Unbearable Lightness of Roy is an emergent infomorphic identity, generated by a crowdsourced cross-platform system. Experiencers encounter the piece through various avenues (public installation, posted facebook login, etc.) and are asked to help the personality figure out how to exist. Through the feedback of the experiencers, “Roy” will start to have an internet presence[…]

Ghost Light

Ghost Light Revival

Friday at the 14Karat Cabaret Please join us at the 14 Karat Cabaret on October 2nd from 9-11 pm for a one-night installation of performances. Artists will become beacons that illuminate the ghosts of their past, present and future while exploring personal histories, ritual, and spirituality through live performance, experimental and durational action, and video.[…]