Karl Marx

marks-crackdcKarl Marks/Karl Marxxx is a Brooklyn-based performance artist, exhibitionist and sex blogger.  He has performed on numerous art and festival stages including recent appearances at the Red Umbrella Projects (NYC), Dixon Place (NYC), the Walters Art Museum (Baltimore), The Great Big International Drag King Extravaganza, Showgirls (Ptown), the Charm City Kitty Club (Baltimore) and CRACK (Washington, DC).  Karl also blogs for the Big Shoe Diaries (www.colbykeller.com), an artsy-fartsy gay porn blog featuring nerd-porn icon, Colby Keller.



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¬†DAZZLESTORM! presents an apres-dinner multimedia, collaborative performance reflecting on a generation’s anxieties over food and the ever-present “apocalypse”. Video art inspired by RuPaul’s Hunger Games, fashion inspired by Mad Max, choreography inspired by Monsanto seeds, hair inspired by radioactive Japanese seafood, and makeup inspired by gluten allergies. It’s the end of the world as we know it, and it tastes fine.


Tabat Monroe

tabat-monroe tabat-monroe-2

Tabat Monroe is a hip-hop artist living in Baltimore, MD. She also makes videos some of which you can see here: tabatmonroe


Josh Van Horn



The BackLot Stage Show

On Friday and Saturday nights the Current back lot stage show will feature Tabat Monroe, Puppet Tyranny, The House of Ebony’s Mini-Ball, Susanna Cook and many other radical, genre-defying artists starting at 10:30pm.



VINYLLA - lanepaige-horiz_

Pony Sundown (Lane Harlan) and DJWOMAN (Paige Shuttleworth)

VINYLLA is the Vinyl slinging duo dawning stylish tunes and far out fashion ensembles.