F.E.A.S.T Dinner Theater

An evening of food-based performance and performance-based food

Curator: Rebecca Nagle


Crowd Surfing

Crowd Surfing:

An event in which a person or artwork is passed overhead from person to person during a concert, transferring the person or artwork from one part of the venue to another. The “crowd surfer” is passed above everyone’s heads, with everyone’s hands supporting the weight.
Art installations and video projection crowd_surfing_standin

Curator:  Katie Kehoe – http://www.katiekehoe.com/


Effervescent Collective

The Peanut Gallery is a composite of movements born of last year’s B-Sides, broken habits, and the cold sweat of a hot minute.
The performance run 20-30 minutes Friday and Saturday 8-9pm.
  • Lily W. Susskind
  • Kait Orr
  • Alex Vizzi
  • Sierra DaSelvia
  • Chelsea Murphy
  • Emile Sorger
  • Tech: Clarissa Gregory
  • Musician: Mickey Free(land)

The Body X-tended

The Body X-tended is a Fashion experience that celebrates the Other and revels in our un-sameness. Featuring an evening of the uncanny garment, the absurd wearable and the performing object. From headwear to toe-wear and beyond, including performance, video and puppets. Expect the extended body in all its splendor.

Curator: Laure Drogoul


The Quiet Show

Curator: Stephanie Barber

The Quiet Show where language artists such as Lauren Bender, Adam Robinson and Bob O’Brien coo to you through headphones


BackLot Stage Show

Curator: Rebecca Nagle,  Stephanie Barber,  Laure Drogoul

Thursday Night- Current Back Lotphenomenal performances

Friday Night- Current Back Lot performances

Saturday Night – Current Back Lot performances


Description: The Tyson Alley will contain video projections, site specific performances and roving entertainers, Festival goers can enjoy this space as they traverse between the Saratoga street events and the Current Gallery back lot.

Curator: Sandylee Triolo


Pedestrian Service Exquisite

Curator: Laure Drogoul