7th Annual Transmodern Festival April 15 – April 18, 2010


    melissa moore 1“lost inhabitants find another way home”
    Melissa Moore (1975) is a self-taught installation/sound artist, musician, and sculptor born in Washington DC and is now based in Baltimore, MD.  Moore’s sculpture and installation work involve creating invented spaces that challenge typical notions of orientation in space, confinement/extension of space, isolation, and the exposition of hidden spaces in the form of portable architecture. She is currently working on a “forest intervention” research series where she uses various materials, constructed objects, and mirrors to create multi-dimensional space within the context of nature.  She is also continuing her PLMS (Pataphysical Life-Mind Society) studies/work in a new semi-clandestine site called “Earth Measure”. The location is  a secret “outdoor grove gallery” meant for exchanges and research with the public.  The first of this series of work is located in Baltimore, MD.  Moore will continue her research throughout Baltimore and other sites in the US and Europe. She curated and exhibited work in *The Unfolded Crystal: Seduction of the Hyperreal* at the Stamp Gallery at University of Maryland 2009 and *The Art of the Set-Up*; “PLMS: study site K” at MAP (Maryland Art Place) in Baltimore, MD. Moore has exhibited and performed throughout the US, Canada, and Europe.  She was the recipient of a 2008 Individual Artist Grant from Maryland State Arts Council.

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