7th Annual Transmodern Festival April 15 – April 18, 2010
  • Jane Vincent and Gina Denton – Viking Funeral


    Viking Funeral

    The only way into the Viking Heaven of Valhalla is to die in battle or
    in childbirth. You’re sent on your way on a flaming ship, with a
    beautiful meal and perhaps a slave companion. We all have our
    projects. relationships and dreams that die in battle, or in birth.
    Let’s send them to heaven. We will build a ship, set it aflame on the
    harbor, and give a hero’s goodbye to those things we held dear which
    died a valiant death.

    Jane Vincent and Gina Denton will perform last rites, place objects,
    memoirs, mementos, and written descriptions on a hand built ship, and
    set it on fire and sail it off into the harbor.

    Jane Vincent is a musician, artist, and housecleaner. She is a
    Philadelphia native who has lived in Baltimore for 6 years.She has
    many projects which are ready for a proper send-off to Valhalla.

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