7th Annual Transmodern Festival April 15 – April 18, 2010



     boatNaval Splace Possiblity is a workshop that invites participants to build small boats with corks that have been collected from wine and beer drinkers at preceding Transmodern events. This is not an instructional class, just a place to sit down and make a small boat however you like. Participants to the building action are invited to take a boat home as a souvenir, but must agree to sail it down a street gutter in a Baltimore rainstorm, and document the experience in some way. These writings, photos, etc. will be compiled. Naval oranges will be supplied for snacks. 

    Dillon de Give creates site-specific situations, and elementary school style performances. His work has been shown recently at Fritz Haeg’s Dome Colony X at X-Initiative and chashama, also at the Center for Contemporary Art Santa Fe, Select Media Chicago, and various NYC parks. Dillon lives in Brooklyn, studied film at Northwestern University, and grew up in New Mexico.



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