7th Annual Transmodern Festival April 15 – April 18, 2010
  • 4/18 Sunday Evening


    PEOPLE LIKE US and SNACKSĀ n109079865790164_9093

    4 PM at JHU – FREE

    Sunday April 18, 2010

    The Digital Media Center
    3400 N. Charles St.
    Mattin 226
    Baltimore MD

    The Digital Media Center at Johns Hopkins University and the 2010 Transmodern Festival Present Lectures by

    Vicki Bennett – People Like Us

    Since 1991 Vicki Bennett has been making CDs, radio, and A/V multimedia under the name People Like Us. Vicki has shown work at, amongst others, Tate Modern, The National Film Theater, Purcell Room, The ICA, and the Sydney Opera House. Join us for this exciting lecture on her work and experiences as an internationally exhibiting video artist and performpluer.

    Tom Boram and Dan Breen – Snacks
    Baltimore experimental Music/Food duo Snacks, aka Tom Boram and Dan Breen, are in the midst of making a musical sci-fi film entitled “GASA: Memory Overload”. Although experimental in nature, the film is a melting casserole of references to film genres such as silent film comedies, B-grade 60s sexploitation, straight-to-video Hong Kong children’s scatological action movies and pretentious arthouse eye-candy such as Kenneth Anger or Alejandro Jodorowsky. Snacks will be discussing their methods of contriving a “pseudo-animation” atmosphere for the film through the use of lighting/speed/editing gimmicks, controlled indoor sets, and an entirely fabricated sound design, combining traditional and fairly bizarre “foley” techniques.

    MAGGOTS AND MEN_wallmagg

    6 PM at UMBC – FREE

    Sunday, April 18 2010

    Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture
    1000 Hilltop Circle
    Baltimore MD

    CADVC partners with Baltimore’s 7th Annual Transmodern Festival to screen Maggots and Men, an experimental, historical narrative set in post-revolutionary Russia. The film re-tells the story of the 1921 uprising of the Kronstadt sailors with a subtext of gender anarchy. A thoughtful homage to Soviet, silent era directors and artists of the Russian avant-garde, the film explores themes of re-invention, revolution, community, and corruption. Director, Cary Cronenwett, will be on hand to speak about the film following the screening.

    Please join us for this free screening of Maggots and Men at the CADVC Gallery, located on the first floor of the Fine Arts building. (Location & Directions.)

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