7th Annual Transmodern Festival April 15 – April 18, 2010
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    Charles Broskoski was born in Ft, Worth, TX in 1982, lives in New York, and is a member of OAOA (Oceans Academy Of Art) and the founder of Supercentral.

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    MoleBalls(where the moles learn to survive through waves of hellish laser beams of doom (made of ping-pong balls), veiled behind some alter egos (different character cut outs with a face hole).  mean while, the exterminators works out their team effort to overcome disorientation and distractions of all natural and supernatural elements, and successfully score and eliminate the pests by unleashing velcroed thunder balls aimed at their head.  head shots only.

    A project of Michael Benevento and Andrew Liang

    Contributors/ Artists are,
    Russell Hite, Katherine St Paul Hill, Elena Johnston, Sean Honey, Jeff Mcgrath, Jordan Kasey, Lou Joseph, Eamon Espey, Lisa Krause, John Bohl, Katie Rose, Gary Kachadourian, Kieran Gillen

    Staff/ Volunteer Help
    Steve Santillian, Miranda Pfeiffer, Krysten Watson, Joana Kopcyzk, Mitchell Goodrich, Megan Chin, Michell Porucznik, Lizzy Farley, Bettina Yung.

    Harness Engineers are,
    Melanie Lester and Risa Ono

    Sound Engineer is,
    Martin Kasey

    Photography by
    Monique Crabb

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    Scott and girlsScott Pennington lives in a world of part time jobs, full time jobs, financial responsibilities, the nonstop ticking of the clock and a paradox looming at every corner. He is currently in the midst of a minor crisis. The paradigm through which he interprets external reality is wildly swinging back and forth between a nicely organized and compartmentalized outlook on the world to a puzzling and curious view in which all borders and segregations between seemingly unrelated items has been removed. Simultaneously he is reflecting on the purpose and meaning of ‘work’ in general. Are the things we do, be it at your day job or in your studio, understandable to the masses? Do they need to be? Are these tasks we perform necessary to the greater population of our city and if so do people recognize and appreciate this? Are these tasks meaningless to anyone other than ourselves and possibly a few others? We must keep doing things in order to get to the next thing but are we doing the right thing? This is the dilemma at hand.

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    Joseph Keckler (Gian Maria Annovi) ___-1“Joseph Keckler is the real deal and I can’t recommend anyone more.”– BlackBook Magazine

    “Keckler commands the stage with erotic bravado, launches into dramatic monologues and embodies so many different personae that you can’t help but wonder whether he’s possessed by spirits or if his body cannot help but channel all of the voices in his head. Sensual, cathartic, overwrought and deeply philosophical, his psychotic twists and turns can bring his audience either to tears (from laughter) or to a numbed silence.” - New York Press

    “Divine”– Time Out New York

    “Think: David Sedaris meets Diamanda Galas” -The Village Voice

    “Keckler’s voice [has] extraordinary range, richness and malleability, as he sings from low baritone to glass-shattering falsetto.” -The Irish Times

    Joseph Keckler is a New York City-based singer, writer, and multi-media performance artist. Nights of his work have recently been presented at The New Museum, Joe’s Pub, NYU Performance Studies, and Ars Nova.  In his performances he fuses storytelling, which veers from humorous and trenchant to disturbingly oneiric, with a classically trained and chameleonic voice to create multiple-character fantasias, often bringing the banal to an operatic intensity. He is currently in the midst of recording an album and writing his first collection of stories.

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    pluSince 1991 Vicki Bennett has been making CDs, radio, and A/V multimedia under the name People Like Us. Ever since she has been animating and recontextualising found footage collages with an equally witty and dark view of popular culture with a surrealistic edge, both pre-recorded and in a live setting. Vicki has shown work at, amongst others, Tate Modern, The National Film Theatre, Purcell Room, The ICA, Sydney Opera House, Pompidou Centre, Sonar in Barcelona and The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. She has also performed radio sessions for BBC’s John Peel, Mixing It, and also CBC, KPFA and does a regular radio show on WFMU which has had over 3/4 million realplayer hits.

    2008 saw the launch of the first People Like Us Retrospective, at alt.gallery in Newcastle Upon Tyne, a feature in The Wire, the release of online-only album Rhapsody in Glue with artist Ergo Phizmiz, and a CD curated for Sonic Arts Network entitled Smiling Through My Teeth.

    Vicki recently completed and exhibited the Great North Run Moving Image Commission 2009, and is now touring a new live A/V set entitled Genre Collage, premiering at Vancouver New Music Festival and BFI Southbank.

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    carlytreeptak/crap talky/play track

    petter of kitties

    time traveller

    flower whisperer

    master hypnotist


    capricious crafter


    esoteric librarian

    potion aficionado

    lover of life

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    Blues Control - photo 1Blues Control is Lea Cho and Russ Waterhouse – a keyboard, guitar, and tape music duo from Philadelphia.  Although initially conceived in NYC as a reflection of their love of both classic rock and the avant-garde, Blues Control has since evolved into a far wider-ranging creative outlet.

    After two years of making new age music as Watersports, Russ and Lea played their first Blues Control show in 2006 on a whim.  They have since toured extensively in North America, the UK, and continental Europe; playing galleries, living rooms, museums, discos, and DIY venues.  They’ve also opened for Animal Collective, Cluster, and Henry Flynt; wrote and performed an alternate soundtrack to Lewis Klahr’s Tales of the Forgotten Future; and played for third graders in Oakland.

    After several cassette releases, in 2007 Blues Control put out their first two full-length records: Puff (Woodsist/Fusetron) and Blues Control (Holy Mountain), and in 2008 they put out a 7″ of holiday music as part of Sub Pop’s Singles Club.  In the summer of 2009 they released their third and best record, Local Flavor (Siltbreeze), which placed high on many music critics’ year-end lists.

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    photobyfrank_hamiltonRobby Rackleff is a video and performance artist who lives in Baltimore. He is a recent graduate of the Mount Royal MFA program at the Maryland Institute College of Art, and a member of Wham City.

    Robby will be screening videos at Gallery Four on Friday, April 16th, and performing live at Floristree on Friday, April 17th.