7th Annual Transmodern Festival April 15 – April 18, 2010
  • scissors

    artiststatementwallShockingly Brilliant

    Pal: So, how does this become your artist bio?
    Combo: It’s about us of course, which is everyone who wants to be us.
    Pal: So want is the defining feature, this specific want.
    Combo: This one, yup. That this is art, making it art because we REALLY want it to be.
    Pal: Or even want it just a little bit?
    Combo: Yes, but this is not even art, it is T’s art bio.
    Pal: This is part of T’s artist statement.
    Combo: No, it is–
    Pal: OK, can we say it is both?
    Combo: Can we say it is her bio, part of her statement, which is also real art–
    Pal: Yes, and also it isn’t hers, it is a collaboration, just not defined by exactly who until they are wanting to be in it when it is happening… um, occurring.
    Combo: Which is now?
    Pal: Maybe.


    People are in costumes that they make with a large letter on top. All of a sudden, all the people gather together to spell the words: ARTISTS APPEAR TO BE PART OF THE EQUATION.

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