7th Annual Transmodern Festival April 15 – April 18, 2010
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    sidewalkweedsApril Lewis was born in 1980 in Okinawa, Japan. She is an installation and performance artist and independent curator residing in Baltimore. In 2009 she earned a BA from Towson State University with a concentration in Printmaking and in 2006 she received an AA in visual arts from Anne Arundel Community College. April lives and works in Baltimore.

    Urban Invasion Crusaders Kiosk
    passersby will encounter a kiosk with field guides of Baltimore’s invasive flora (complete with photos and names of common weeds found in the city and links to an online component of the handmade book).  the kiosk will make available; gardening gloves, kneeling pads, wheel barrels, and collection containers for kiosk visitors to borrow and use to weed the neighborhood and areas surrounding the water in fells point. Each crusader will receive an official Urban Invasion Crusaders badge and and field guide to take home with them upon returning with weeds and borrowed gardening tools.

    there will also be two scheduled group tours to point out invasive flora and discuss the history and usage of these non-native plants.

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    April 2nd, 2010admin4/18 - Sunday, Performance, Roaming

    MAP-1MTA: Marine Tour Activities is a wayfinding system that follows the lines of art, history, and exploration on land and water in Locust Point during the events of Pedestrian Services Exquisite.Kelley Bell is an animator, graphic designer, and educator who is often willing to make mistakes and other interesting experiments. Her work combines performance, graphic design,  and a multitude of other art forms.

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    2.SecondFaintCastroBWConcrete Intervention

    Kathryn Williamson is an Artist who uses photography, video, and drawing as documenting tools. Her inspiration comes from observations of the everyday that are subsequently turned into actions or events which are recorded and later shown as documents and/or installation. She sees the public sphere as a stage for action where symbolic and metaphorical gestures are incorporated with interventions that mimic the everyday and further blur the line between the real and the fabricated. Exploring the absurdity in life, she uses humor in order to ease the viewer into more serious subtexts. Williamson has performed and shown work nationally as well as internationally including Yerba Buena for the Arts in San Francisco, SculptureCenter in New York City, and the VIII Biennial of Havana in 2003. She is a current Fellow and MFA candidate at the San Francisco Art Institute.
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    smellingsaltamusementsThe Grey Guide to Locust Point: Sites of Memory and Imagination
    Smelling Salt Amusements has been gathering tales from a prominent spit into Baltimore history. This self-guided tour is the second edition of their ongoing Overlookeds project. It brings together trawlings from research, conversations, and wanderings around Locust Point.

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    IMG_0512Virginia Warwick graduated from Rinehart School of Sculpture in May of 2008 where she started using fictional narratives transforming them into surreal performances and sculptures, giving voice to those who cannot speak, giving life to inanimate objects. Dressed as a squirrel or sea turtle she empowers the creature and makes people aware of non-human life forms. In her most recent work, she has focused on Olivia the Sea Turtle. One can find Olivia trying to blend in along side humans while picking up a gig bartending or serving fish at a party. Adopting the role of an artist, Olivia creates art based upon how humans perceive sea life.

    Olivia the sea turtle has been on land for over a year now, navigating her way around trying to fit in and blend into a human lifestyle as best she can. She has adopted the role of an artist as a way to express her heart ache for her separation from her soon to be ex wife Arial the mermaid. To catch you up to date: Olivia arrived on land a year ago when she discovered her wife, Arial the mermaid cheating on her with a merman. Olivia went out to a local bar with her best friend Sebastian, got hammered, blacked out and some how arrived on land. Olivia has since then remained making herself accustomed to human life trying to fit in as best she can to escape a direct confrontation with Arial.

    For the Pedestrian Service Exquisite Olivia plans on dressing as a pirate and looting booty. That’s what people expect to see on a water front, right? Pirates?

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     fluid movementLOVE PARADE  
    Fluid Movement will set up a station stocked with balloon hats, bridesmaid dresses and other spectacular decorations.  Everyone is encouraged to deck themselves out, wear their heart on their sleeve and feel the LOVE.  The afternoon will culminate in a Love Parade, led by the Barrage Band Orchestra and featuring YOU, your kids, friends and neighbors!

     Fluid Movement is a Baltimore-based performance art group that juxtaposes complex subject matter with delightful and unexpected mediums. We create art that is accessible, and often educational, for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Our performances are created for urban spaces, in Baltimore and beyond. We encourage a sincere understanding and appreciation for city life and city dwellers through our work.

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     What Is it Like There? is an interactive project in which I ask participants to share with me an experience of a place where they have just been. This place might be on the Baltimore waterfront itself or further afield. I will ask participants to tell me a story, offer a description and explore their associations with that place. I will respond to each participant with a story or description of my own that responds to the particular theme or tone of each participant’s story. For instance, if a participant describes a boat ride in the harbor and the view of the city from the water, I might offer a description of another city seen from another body of water. This project is an opportunity for exchange between myself (as a stranger in Baltimore) and local residents. It opens up space for me to imagine the places that occupy the imagination of residents of Baltimore and allows them to imagine the places that occupy my imagination as a stranger.

    Madhu Kaza is a writer, artist and educator currently living in New York.

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    Professor Fish invites the public to join his students for a series of free lectures at the Harbor Place School of Fish and Sea Life. Lectures will cover a variety of subjects including History of the Chesapeake Bay, Ecology, and Political Science. The school is a toy theater housed in a milk crate on the back of a bicycle. The classroom inside will feature small puppets of Chesapeake Bay sealife, including fish, seagulls, turtles, crabs and oysters. 

    Valeska Maria Populoh is a performer, artist and teacher living in Baltimore, MD. She teaches at the Maryland Institute College of Art and collaborates with a variety of community arts organizations and artists, including Black Cherry Puppet Theater, Fluid Movement, Nanaprojects and Ambush Theater. Many of her collaborative public performances are staged under the name of the Cause Company.

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    MiracleDPupetyrrany! Is a commitee of craftastic wrongdoers. Though based in Philadelphia, Pupetyrrany! also features tyrannical circus and annoyance arts from abroad. Talents include, but are not limited to: Puppetry, Stilting, regular old Acting, Trapeze, Garbage Making, and Animation. Prepare to be uncomfortably thrilled! Puppetyrrany! is Leslie Rogers and Zac Palladino.

    Puppetyrrany! will share a perilous aquatic puppet show in the wettest place of all: the human mouth.

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    Vincent Valerio is a student in the MFA program at Towson University.

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