7th Annual Transmodern Festival April 15 – April 18, 2010
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    MoleBalls(where the moles learn to survive through waves of hellish laser beams of doom (made of ping-pong balls), veiled behind some alter egos (different character cut outs with a face hole).  mean while, the exterminators works out their team effort to overcome disorientation and distractions of all natural and supernatural elements, and successfully score and eliminate the pests by unleashing velcroed thunder balls aimed at their head.  head shots only.

    A project of Michael Benevento and Andrew Liang

    Contributors/ Artists are,
    Russell Hite, Katherine St Paul Hill, Elena Johnston, Sean Honey, Jeff Mcgrath, Jordan Kasey, Lou Joseph, Eamon Espey, Lisa Krause, John Bohl, Katie Rose, Gary Kachadourian, Kieran Gillen

    Staff/ Volunteer Help
    Steve Santillian, Miranda Pfeiffer, Krysten Watson, Joana Kopcyzk, Mitchell Goodrich, Megan Chin, Michell Porucznik, Lizzy Farley, Bettina Yung.

    Harness Engineers are,
    Melanie Lester and Risa Ono

    Sound Engineer is,
    Martin Kasey

    Photography by
    Monique Crabb

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    melissa moore 1“lost inhabitants find another way home”
    Melissa Moore (1975) is a self-taught installation/sound artist, musician, and sculptor born in Washington DC and is now based in Baltimore, MD.  Moore’s sculpture and installation work involve creating invented spaces that challenge typical notions of orientation in space, confinement/extension of space, isolation, and the exposition of hidden spaces in the form of portable architecture. She is currently working on a “forest intervention” research series where she uses various materials, constructed objects, and mirrors to create multi-dimensional space within the context of nature.  She is also continuing her PLMS (Pataphysical Life-Mind Society) studies/work in a new semi-clandestine site called “Earth Measure”. The location is  a secret “outdoor grove gallery” meant for exchanges and research with the public.  The first of this series of work is located in Baltimore, MD.  Moore will continue her research throughout Baltimore and other sites in the US and Europe. She curated and exhibited work in *The Unfolded Crystal: Seduction of the Hyperreal* at the Stamp Gallery at University of Maryland 2009 and *The Art of the Set-Up*; “PLMS: study site K” at MAP (Maryland Art Place) in Baltimore, MD. Moore has exhibited and performed throughout the US, Canada, and Europe.  She was the recipient of a 2008 Individual Artist Grant from Maryland State Arts Council.

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    P2203100003Otter’s Nest is a collaborative group of professionals from different disciplines.  Jimmy Roche (video), Bonnie Crawford (visual art), Milton Reder (computers), and Rose Burt (audio) work together on projects, exploring ideas and methods that hold a common interest for them.  They met at their current workplace, the Johns Hopkins Digital Media Center, where they learn, experiment, create, teach and play.

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    Scott and girlsScott Pennington lives in a world of part time jobs, full time jobs, financial responsibilities, the nonstop ticking of the clock and a paradox looming at every corner. He is currently in the midst of a minor crisis. The paradigm through which he interprets external reality is wildly swinging back and forth between a nicely organized and compartmentalized outlook on the world to a puzzling and curious view in which all borders and segregations between seemingly unrelated items has been removed. Simultaneously he is reflecting on the purpose and meaning of ‘work’ in general. Are the things we do, be it at your day job or in your studio, understandable to the masses? Do they need to be? Are these tasks we perform necessary to the greater population of our city and if so do people recognize and appreciate this? Are these tasks meaningless to anyone other than ourselves and possibly a few others? We must keep doing things in order to get to the next thing but are we doing the right thing? This is the dilemma at hand.

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    stephanie rothenberg 2Stephanie Rothenberg’s interdisciplinary practice merges performance, installation and networked media to create provocative interactions that question the boundaries and social constructs of manufactured desires. Her recent work investigates new models of online labor and the virtualization of the global workplace. Stephanie has lectured and exhibited at venues including the Sundance Film Festival, Banff New Media Institute, Trampoline Radiator Festival New Technology Art and ISEA. In 2009 she received a Creative Capital grant and has recently participated in artist residencies at Eyebeam and Harvestworks in NYC. She is Associate Professor of Visual Studies at University at Buffalo

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    David London is a magician, and believes that everyone else is as well. His pursuit of the magical experience has led him to create films, books, objects, puppets, installations, magic shows, and other divergencies, such as this one.


    Katy Nielsen is a Chicago actor and performance artist. She has a BFA in Theater from Columbia College
    Chicago and is an alumnus of Second City’s Conservatory Program. David and Katy have worked together in the past, and are excited to be doing so again.

    Just a Reminder

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    Sarah Tooley is an get it off your chestartist, activist, and educator; currently serving as lead artist/director of the Better Waverly Community Arts Center in Baltimore, MD. In 2009, she received her M.A. in Community Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Tooley works to strengthen community, build leadership, challenge injustices, and amplify marginalized voices and histories through a variety of mediums, including public and performance art. She can be contacted at SarahAngelineTooley@gmail.com.

    Hannah Brancato’s work uses crafts to re-evaluate stereotypes. She makes ornaments and situations that address consumerism, femininity, function, and phenomenology, to name a few.  Brancato is an active participant in art and craft events in and around Baltimore City. She has curated shows and organized events at the Current Gallery, Load of Fun, and MICA, in addition to exhibiting work at various arts festivals and group shows. She is currently the community artist in residence at the House Of Ruth Maryland, where she is collaborating with domestic violence survivors to create public projects about abusive relationships.
    Kendra Hebel is a fiber/ installation artist originally from Northern New Jersey, currently residing in upstate New York. She’s a graduate of Maryland Institute College of Art and now exhibits and collaborates locally and internationally.  Most recent events in Baltimore : “Get it off your chest…”Pust Fust 2010, DECOY at the Creative Alliance, and Sub-Urban Camo performed during Transmodern 2009!  To see more check out: www.radarredux.com/category/sights or www.citypaper.com/special/story.asp?id=19449. To contact e-mail: klhebel@yahoo.com

    Get It Off Your Chest

    Do you have unwanted whiskers or bewildering blemishes?

    Calling all hair laden lads and ladies: Join Hannah Brancato, Kendra Hebel, and Sarah Tooley for the interactive performance of Get it off your Chest, Pluck it from her Breast.

    Become a beautician and bare your beauty ailments, and we guarantee that you will emerge victorious.

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    pod blotzPod Blotz is artist Suzy Poling from Oakland, California. The project is experimental and combines sonic tones with tape manipulation, vocals, theremin and organ drone. Pod Blotz aural sounds are very textured and accompany a stark visual component of video, mirrors and light experiments. Its informed by Musique Concrete and Science Fiction concepts and soundtracks.

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    April Danielle LewisApril Danielle Lewis was born in 1980 in Okinawa, Japan. She is an installation and performance artist and independent curator residing in Baltimore. In 2009 she earned a BA from Towson State University with a concentration in Printmaking and in 2006 she received an AA in visual arts from Anne Arundel Community College. April lives and works in Baltimore.

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    Sarah JableckiSarah Jablecki earned her BFA from Rhode Island School of Design and her MFA from Maryland Institute of Art. She has been a College Instructor, Waitress, and Professional Cleaner since. Her work has has been exhibited across the Mid-Atlantic and North East, granted numerous awards such as the the Marty Forscher Fellowship Fund for “recognition of humanitarian efforts, remarkable storytelling ability, and creativity” as well as the Robert Mapplethorpe Award, and the Roberta Polevory Award of the Baltimore Community Foundation. Her work has appeared in publications including Photographers Forum, Photo District News, and AI-AP with Nan Goldin, Terry Richardson, and Sofia Copolla. Her current work deals with issues of intimacy, sexuality, and occult culture through drawings, photography, and humorous fiber works. She currently lives in her favorite city where she is hellbent on becoming the best artist and person she can be.

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