7th Annual Transmodern Festival April 15 – April 18, 2010
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    Seasonal Affected Disorder and Daniel Van Allen will collaborate in an interactive aquatic performance. Nikki Smith, Selena Schreyer and Daniel Van Allen, perform as sea witches  launching tiny coffins and collected offerings from the La malachinche, Dan’s outrigger sailing canoe. The Sea Witches will be distributing babies of winter and collecting offerings to be buried at sea for the duration of the day.
    Daniel Van Allen is a visionary artist working in Baltimore since 1980. His work includes environments, mixed media constructions, wood and metal sculpture, painting, art cars and boats and photography.

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    4401894140_6e4f28d920Rock Angels
    The look for this work was first sparked by images of the glamrock band, Angel, who performed in the 1970′s. I want embellish this vision of “Rock Angels” consisting of two men and two women. The angel costumes they wear will be part Ice Capades, part Glam, and part TV Evangelist. For the mustached long haired male half of the quartet, the garb aims to be stylishly emasculating. Among the materials I have chosen for construction is glissenette, a transparent flesh colored stretch fabric used in figure skating. I also plan on using lots of satin stretch, feathers, artificial birds, sequins, and cross pendants.  The participants will be carrying small harps and lutes. They will randomly choose a subject of their affection and follow and serenade the onlooker for extended periods of time. Other angel activities will develop as the vision is materialized.

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    l_091121_0Elizabeth Fuller is a mixed media artist and designer of wearable technology at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Department. Fuller mixes her background in communications and web development with her current work in physical computing and wearable technology to design instinctual interactive wearable devices. Recently she has been coordinating FashionCamp NY, a biannual unconference for participants throughout the fields of fashion and technology to discuss the future of fashion. She is now researching her thesis on liminal wearable interfaces.

    Walking Home
    Walking Home is a dress that plays sounds from a garden as the wearer negotiates their urbane environment. While walking in the dress, the wearer is in a transitional space between west coast and east coast, nature and city scape, family unit and individual–two environments, two coasts, two homes.

    The dress plays recordings from the artist’s garden in California taken by the artist’s sister. These recordings are triggered by switches sewn into the dress. By moving in the dress, the wearer activates the switches. Thus, by walking in the dress, the wearer walks in two different environments: the physical cityscape, and the audio environment of the artists garden in California.

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    Professor Fish invites the public to join his students for a series of free lectures at the Harbor Place School of Fish and Sea Life. Lectures will cover a variety of subjects including History of the Chesapeake Bay, Ecology, and Political Science. The school is a toy theater housed in a milk crate on the back of a bicycle. The classroom inside will feature small puppets of Chesapeake Bay sealife, including fish, seagulls, turtles, crabs and oysters. 

    Valeska Maria Populoh is a performer, artist and teacher living in Baltimore, MD. She teaches at the Maryland Institute College of Art and collaborates with a variety of community arts organizations and artists, including Black Cherry Puppet Theater, Fluid Movement, Nanaprojects and Ambush Theater. Many of her collaborative public performances are staged under the name of the Cause Company.

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    Ambush Theater is a mobilized posse of shrubbery with a mind of it’s own. Part puppetry, part topiary, part clown, Ambush mixes the overlooked world of shrubbery with the suspense and drama of a low budget thriller. We share our unique brand of victory garden antics everywhere from The Virgin Mobile Music Festivals to The Free Biennial in New York City and everywhere in between.

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    Umber, ochre and sienna colored home made watercolor paints are made exclusively from pigments derived from the Chesapeake Bay water. Lisa Moren will be painting and displaying postcard watercolors by herself and artists from all across America who use her pigments. Visitors are invited to paint their own watercolor, buy a postcard, or just see how ingredients make the Bay paintings sparkle!

    Lisa Moren is an artist who makes small gestures that deals with temporality, reality and poetic metaphor often out of big media. Her project “Récord, Recórd, recollection II” was exhibited at the Chelsea Art Museum in NYC (2008) while other projects have been exhibited nationally and internationally. She has received numerous awards and fellowships, including the National Endowment for the Arts (2003); and a Fulbright Scholar in Prague (2006). Her research has been published in Performance Research, England; Visible Language, Providence; and other places. Lisa Moren is an Associate Professor at UMBC and lives with her husband and two small children.

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    4321165718_cd8f70d3daCarrie Fucile works in a wide range of media including fibers, sculpture, video, sound, and installation. She received her B.A. from Dartmouth College in 1999 and her M.F.A. from Brooklyn College in 2006. Her work has been exhibited at venues in the United States and abroad including Curious Matter, Artscape, Repetti Gallery, ArtNow Miami, The Directors Lounge, Flux Factory, and Galapagos Art Space. A year and a half ago she returned to Baltimore and now lives and works in the city where she was born.

    Songs From Silence
    For the Pedestrian Services Exquisite, I am proposing a solo performance that will take place along the waterfront at Tide Point near The Baltimore Immigration Memorial. For this performance, I am proposing to pose as an immigrant woman from the end of the 19th century, in full costume. I will sit in a canoe, with a large anchor (styrofoam) studded with flowers. The un-lowered anchor is a symbol of the anchorless state of immigrants. In my mouth will be stuffed a handkerchief – symbolic of how many of these people’s stories remain unheard and lost to history. People will be invited via a sign to come onto the boat, remove the handkerchief, and be paddled around the water as I sing to them one of several sea songs I will memorize. I will try to find songs from the nations from which many late 19th century immigrants to Baltimore hailed: Germany, Ireland, England, Russia, Greece, and Italy.

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    MiracleDPupetyrrany! Is a commitee of craftastic wrongdoers. Though based in Philadelphia, Pupetyrrany! also features tyrannical circus and annoyance arts from abroad. Talents include, but are not limited to: Puppetry, Stilting, regular old Acting, Trapeze, Garbage Making, and Animation. Prepare to be uncomfortably thrilled! Puppetyrrany! is Leslie Rogers and Zac Palladino.

    Puppetyrrany! will share a perilous aquatic puppet show in the wettest place of all: the human mouth.

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    4256260936_bdbb1aab06Sadie Lune is a multimedia artist, sex worker, and pleasure activist. She has won awards for her films and performances, exhibited explicit whore-positive work in museums, and shown her cervix internationally. She is looking for patrons and a wife. Sadie lives in San Francisco with her three snakes. www.sadielune.com

    SirenStroll- In Memory of Heels Clacking Cobblestone

    SirenStroll will conjure the ghost’s of the sex workers of Baltimore’s distant and recent past in an interactive ritual streetwalk. The procession-of-one will explore the mythologies vs. realities of prostitution, while honoring the history of Baltimore’s sex workers and bringing visibility to continuing violence against sex workers. While tourists pay to hear about the ghosts of prostitutes that haunt Fell’s Point from days of yore, women and other workers are still dieing trying to make a living in Baltimore; in 2008, five women who worked as prostitutes were brutally killed.
    As sex workers are often depicted as sirens, calling men to their doom, as well as people who live between worlds of legality, class, and desire/repulsion, I will personify a ghostlike mermaid appointed with items symbolic of the power, skills, and vulnerability of sex workers. Using repetitive actions and verbalizations, I will actively solicit donations for my roving altar to the dead sex workers of Baltimore, especially those fallen in the line of duty. I will transverse the entire region of Thames street, back and forth along Fell’s Point, building an altar on wheels as I go, adorned with objects obtained from the exchange with tourists, locals and other artists.

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    David London is a magician, and believes that everyone else is as well. His pursuit of the magical experience has led him to create films, books, objects, puppets, installations, magic shows, and other divergencies, such as this one.


    Katy Nielsen is a Chicago actor and performance artist. She has a BFA in Theater from Columbia College
    Chicago and is an alumnus of Second City’s Conservatory Program. David and Katy have worked together in the past, and are excited to be doing so again.

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