7th Annual Transmodern Festival April 15 – April 18, 2010
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    untitled emergency survival tactic #8 (expertise vs. dilettantism in potability, trust, and personal purity)Marian April Glebes is an emerging conceptual and mixed-media artist whose installations are built of the remnants of elaborate processes that are futile or ridiculous, metaphoric, and temporary. Her works address issues of the urban/suburban environment, the character and power of the artist, and the use of site-specificity and the art object as a tool for social change. Glebes has exhibited in Baltimore, Washington DC, and Chicago galleries, including Heaven Gallery, Gallery Four, the Creative Alliance, Goucher College, Area 405, MICA, and the Center for Art, Design, and Visual Culture at UMBC. Having received her Bachelors of Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute, College of Art in 2005 and her Masters of Fine Art from the University of Maryland Baltimore County in 2009, Glebes has made her home in Baltimore, and currently facilitates commercial real estate development in the Station North Arts and Entertainment District under Guppy Management Services. She is a curator for Artscape and the Metro Gallery in Baltimore, The Douglas Street Music Collective in New York City, and co-curator of Baltimore Design Conversations. Glebes is a member of the Charles Street Trolley Committee, the Baltimore City Forestry Board, and presently serves as Treasurer for the Baltimore D:center.

    Marian will do a day long scientific experiment/performance in which she will become artist/scientist and filter the harbour water, using a filter built of found natural materials throughout baltimore city.

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    melissa moore 1“lost inhabitants find another way home”
    Melissa Moore (1975) is a self-taught installation/sound artist, musician, and sculptor born in Washington DC and is now based in Baltimore, MD.  Moore’s sculpture and installation work involve creating invented spaces that challenge typical notions of orientation in space, confinement/extension of space, isolation, and the exposition of hidden spaces in the form of portable architecture. She is currently working on a “forest intervention” research series where she uses various materials, constructed objects, and mirrors to create multi-dimensional space within the context of nature.  She is also continuing her PLMS (Pataphysical Life-Mind Society) studies/work in a new semi-clandestine site called “Earth Measure”. The location is  a secret “outdoor grove gallery” meant for exchanges and research with the public.  The first of this series of work is located in Baltimore, MD.  Moore will continue her research throughout Baltimore and other sites in the US and Europe. She curated and exhibited work in *The Unfolded Crystal: Seduction of the Hyperreal* at the Stamp Gallery at University of Maryland 2009 and *The Art of the Set-Up*; “PLMS: study site K” at MAP (Maryland Art Place) in Baltimore, MD. Moore has exhibited and performed throughout the US, Canada, and Europe.  She was the recipient of a 2008 Individual Artist Grant from Maryland State Arts Council.

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    _wallmaggThe Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture, UMBC partners with the Transmodern Festival to screen Maggots and Men, an experimental, historical narrative set in post-revolutionary Russia. The film re-tells the story of the 1921 uprising of the Kronstadt sailors with a subtext of gender anarchy. A thoughtful homage to Soviet, silent era directors and artists of the Russian avant-garde, the film explores themes of re-invention, revolution, community, and corruption.
    Screening: Sunday, April 8th, 6:00pm
    Directions & Info: http://www.umbc.edu/cadvc/news/


    Presented with support from the UMBC Dresher Center for the Humanities, Deparment of Visual Arts, and Center for Art, Design, and Visual Culture.

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    P2203100003Otter’s Nest is a collaborative group of professionals from different disciplines.  Jimmy Roche (video), Bonnie Crawford (visual art), Milton Reder (computers), and Rose Burt (audio) work together on projects, exploring ideas and methods that hold a common interest for them.  They met at their current workplace, the Johns Hopkins Digital Media Center, where they learn, experiment, create, teach and play.

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    sandpile-montage-200Understanding commodities, v.1: several investigations into the method and logic of the self-organizing sands of Baltimore.

    Dylan Gauthier & Elizabeth Knafo will perform a series of experiments to expand our understanding of the nature (flows, exchange values, self-organized criticality) of the iconic dunes.

    Elizabeth Knafo is a multi-disciplinary artist who works with print design, video and as a food justice organizer with the Brooklyn Food Coalition and runs Green My Bodega with Dylan Gauthier: a media activism and organizing project designed to connect local farmers and their goods to central Brooklyn bodegas. She has worked as a designer in publishing, as a teaching artist and is currently getting her MFA at Hunter College. This summer she will be farming for a small CSA in Brooklyn.

    Dylan Gauthier is an artist, activist and performer based in New York City, where he also builds boats as 1/3 of the Mare Liberum boatbuilding and publishing collective. The collective has shown boats and staged workshops domestically and internationally, and locally at venues such as the Neuberger Museum, Purchase, New York and the EFA Project Space in Manhattan. Prior to that, Dylan ran the Empty Vessel Project, a floating art and sustainability experiment on the Gowanus Canal. Dylan is also an MFA Candidate in the Integrated Media Arts program at Hunter College.

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    Viking Funeral

    The only way into the Viking Heaven of Valhalla is to die in battle or
    in childbirth. You’re sent on your way on a flaming ship, with a
    beautiful meal and perhaps a slave companion. We all have our
    projects. relationships and dreams that die in battle, or in birth.
    Let’s send them to heaven. We will build a ship, set it aflame on the
    harbor, and give a hero’s goodbye to those things we held dear which
    died a valiant death.

    Jane Vincent and Gina Denton will perform last rites, place objects,
    memoirs, mementos, and written descriptions on a hand built ship, and
    set it on fire and sail it off into the harbor.

    Jane Vincent is a musician, artist, and housecleaner. She is a
    Philadelphia native who has lived in Baltimore for 6 years.She has
    many projects which are ready for a proper send-off to Valhalla.

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    IMG_0512Virginia Warwick graduated from Rinehart School of Sculpture in May of 2008 where she started using fictional narratives transforming them into surreal performances and sculptures, giving voice to those who cannot speak, giving life to inanimate objects. Dressed as a squirrel or sea turtle she empowers the creature and makes people aware of non-human life forms. In her most recent work, she has focused on Olivia the Sea Turtle. One can find Olivia trying to blend in along side humans while picking up a gig bartending or serving fish at a party. Adopting the role of an artist, Olivia creates art based upon how humans perceive sea life.

    Olivia the sea turtle has been on land for over a year now, navigating her way around trying to fit in and blend into a human lifestyle as best she can. She has adopted the role of an artist as a way to express her heart ache for her separation from her soon to be ex wife Arial the mermaid. To catch you up to date: Olivia arrived on land a year ago when she discovered her wife, Arial the mermaid cheating on her with a merman. Olivia went out to a local bar with her best friend Sebastian, got hammered, blacked out and some how arrived on land. Olivia has since then remained making herself accustomed to human life trying to fit in as best she can to escape a direct confrontation with Arial.

    For the Pedestrian Service Exquisite Olivia plans on dressing as a pirate and looting booty. That’s what people expect to see on a water front, right? Pirates?

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    Scott and girlsScott Pennington lives in a world of part time jobs, full time jobs, financial responsibilities, the nonstop ticking of the clock and a paradox looming at every corner. He is currently in the midst of a minor crisis. The paradigm through which he interprets external reality is wildly swinging back and forth between a nicely organized and compartmentalized outlook on the world to a puzzling and curious view in which all borders and segregations between seemingly unrelated items has been removed. Simultaneously he is reflecting on the purpose and meaning of ‘work’ in general. Are the things we do, be it at your day job or in your studio, understandable to the masses? Do they need to be? Are these tasks we perform necessary to the greater population of our city and if so do people recognize and appreciate this? Are these tasks meaningless to anyone other than ourselves and possibly a few others? We must keep doing things in order to get to the next thing but are we doing the right thing? This is the dilemma at hand.

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    stephanie rothenberg 2Stephanie Rothenberg’s interdisciplinary practice merges performance, installation and networked media to create provocative interactions that question the boundaries and social constructs of manufactured desires. Her recent work investigates new models of online labor and the virtualization of the global workplace. Stephanie has lectured and exhibited at venues including the Sundance Film Festival, Banff New Media Institute, Trampoline Radiator Festival New Technology Art and ISEA. In 2009 she received a Creative Capital grant and has recently participated in artist residencies at Eyebeam and Harvestworks in NYC. She is Associate Professor of Visual Studies at University at Buffalo

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    3361791352_25a4ab3604_oLiz Zacharia creates spaces that invite people to participate in the revelation of everyday phenomenon. For Liz phenomenon not only refers to how the light bounces off the water, but how people become friends. This participation reminds the viewer of their active role in shaping the piece. She graduated from MICA in 2003 and has since found herself back in the classroom teaching art to kids all over her hometown of LA and here in Baltimore. She is thrilled to return to school at Columbia Teachers College next fall to learn more about art education.

    Such a lot of world to sea
    Viewers will be invited to send a small simple steamboat to me as I sit alone on an island serenading them with the song moon river.
    Then I will send the boat back to them with a surprise inside for them to keep.

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