7th Annual Transmodern Festival April 15 – April 18, 2010
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    Petra Hudeckova is an artist from Prague who is currently a visiting student at MICA.  Her work combines her background in Fashion and Cultural studies with interest in Surrealism, costume and performance.

    Her experimental performance “Splashes” explores the body and its interaction with the space it occupies. It is a playful, abstract investigation of our mutual relationship with the environment that surrounds us.

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    Sweet and SandyEsther Freeman

    I am from Ohio, but I am currently attending school in Baltimore. My work is often site-specific, with a focus on communication, community, and relationships.

    Sweet and Sandy

    In my performance of “Sweet and Sandy”, two people embrace, touch, lose, find, and wrestle one another while covered in sandpaper.

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    CAST, a site-specific, sound-art installation located at Fells Point, Thames Street and South Broadway at the end of the pier on the water, amplifies the interstitial sounds reflected by the surface boundary between the water and the air.  The audience will experience this liminal space as an acoustic mix between the “normal” sounds heard above the water and the submersed sounds hidden below the water. CAST creates a deep listening duet between these two unlikely acoustic environments.  The water surface operates as a tympanum or drum being struck from both sides: the noisy rumblings of the Baltimore Inner Harbor district beat upon the upper surface; the aquatic echoes and bay currents reverberate against the underside to complete the listener’s circuit of perception.

    Steve Bradley is an inter-media artist who currently works with low-frequency sound that resonates below the threshold of human hearing, but when broadcast on-site, reveals the structure of environmental acoustics. Using minimal processing, he isolates micro artifacts of sound that become the core material for video, networked live performance, and low-power, site-relational radio.  In 1998, Steve Bradley founded art@radio, a net-broadcast through which he conducts streamed projects in remote locations where participants perform simultaneously.  He is a co-founder and active member of URBANtells.net, whose work focuses on the intricacies between the architecture, cityscape and the human and cultural geography found within any city. URBANtells’ art practice involves the use of various forms of low and high technology to engage the residents, transients and lost inhabitants of the city.

    Bradley has toured and recorded with Alien Productions/edition Kunstradio in Austria; exhibited at Kiasma Museum, Helsinki, and at Seville Biennial; was commissioned by Sonic Circuits to perform at Walker Art Center, Minneapolis; and he was included in a limited-edition, artbox cd by Public Guilt Records, Baltimore.

    The Baltimore <-> Rotterdam Sister City invited Bradley, an active member of URBANtells.net to be their exchange artist for a continuing sound radio project in Rotterdam/Baltimore. Most recently, Bradley installed a commissioned sound sculpture in Wattenmeer mud flats on the North German coast; during low tide, the North Sea winds and rising water played the instrument.

    Steve Bradley teaches at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and currently serves as the Graduate Program Director of the Imaging and Digital Arts MFA program.

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    Charles Broskoski was born in Ft, Worth, TX in 1982, lives in New York, and is a member of OAOA (Oceans Academy Of Art) and the founder of Supercentral.

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    Photo by Megan McShea

    Photo by Megan McShea

    John Eaton is a local artist who has been working in Baltimore since his arrival in 1989. Poet, Musician (both solo and with the incomparable Geodesic Gnome), actor, DJ, astrophysicist, etc., etc. His one wish: for every living person to be utterly enthralled by something uniquely beautiful.

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    Taurus Basket Coil LineBenjamin Phelan invents entertainment/entrainment devices that are intended to seduce and control the mind of the consumer. Flickering lamps and biomorphic sculptures decorate a future apartment lifestyle of immediate gratification and totally dissolved individual awareness. Born in 1982, Phelan grew up in suburban Pennsylvania and received his BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2005. He has exhibited work in New York and Philadelphia and lives and works in Brooklyn. Currently he is touring Universal World Void Healing System 1, a light device performance with the Brooklyn band Yeasayer.

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    29270Dan Gluibizzi was born in Kentucky, raised in Pennsylvania and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. His work has been exhibited at Postmasters, New York, NY, Heskin Contemporary, New York, NY and Jack Hanley Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

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    sosymbolicyesterdayBLaura Brothers (b. 1982) resides in the forested portion of New York State. Her work is born-on and bound-to the computer. Its primary venue is the internet, a space where one may wade through a sea of cultural referents to ultimately reach a false sense of nostalgia.  Although her work has been referred to as “digital hallucinations,” she parallels her imagery to re-polished pop songs under the guise of ephemeral landscapes

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    04Harrison Haynes is a visual artist based in Durham, NC. He completed his undergraduate studies at the Rhode Island School of Design and is currently attending Bard’s MFA program. He is also the drummer in the rock band Les Savy Fav.

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    MoleBalls(where the moles learn to survive through waves of hellish laser beams of doom (made of ping-pong balls), veiled behind some alter egos (different character cut outs with a face hole).  mean while, the exterminators works out their team effort to overcome disorientation and distractions of all natural and supernatural elements, and successfully score and eliminate the pests by unleashing velcroed thunder balls aimed at their head.  head shots only.

    A project of Michael Benevento and Andrew Liang

    Contributors/ Artists are,
    Russell Hite, Katherine St Paul Hill, Elena Johnston, Sean Honey, Jeff Mcgrath, Jordan Kasey, Lou Joseph, Eamon Espey, Lisa Krause, John Bohl, Katie Rose, Gary Kachadourian, Kieran Gillen

    Staff/ Volunteer Help
    Steve Santillian, Miranda Pfeiffer, Krysten Watson, Joana Kopcyzk, Mitchell Goodrich, Megan Chin, Michell Porucznik, Lizzy Farley, Bettina Yung.

    Harness Engineers are,
    Melanie Lester and Risa Ono

    Sound Engineer is,
    Martin Kasey

    Photography by
    Monique Crabb

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