7th Annual Transmodern Festival April 15 – April 18, 2010


    Joseph Keckler (Gian Maria Annovi) ___-1“Joseph Keckler is the real deal and I can’t recommend anyone more.”– BlackBook Magazine

    “Keckler commands the stage with erotic bravado, launches into dramatic monologues and embodies so many different personae that you can’t help but wonder whether he’s possessed by spirits or if his body cannot help but channel all of the voices in his head. Sensual, cathartic, overwrought and deeply philosophical, his psychotic twists and turns can bring his audience either to tears (from laughter) or to a numbed silence.” - New York Press

    “Divine”– Time Out New York

    “Think: David Sedaris meets Diamanda Galas” -The Village Voice

    “Keckler’s voice [has] extraordinary range, richness and malleability, as he sings from low baritone to glass-shattering falsetto.” -The Irish Times

    Joseph Keckler is a New York City-based singer, writer, and multi-media performance artist. Nights of his work have recently been presented at The New Museum, Joe’s Pub, NYU Performance Studies, and Ars Nova.  In his performances he fuses storytelling, which veers from humorous and trenchant to disturbingly oneiric, with a classically trained and chameleonic voice to create multiple-character fantasias, often bringing the banal to an operatic intensity. He is currently in the midst of recording an album and writing his first collection of stories.

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