7th Annual Transmodern Festival April 15 – April 18, 2010


    4323107329_c2d5b7db61Since 2005, Baltimore’s Lexie Mountain Boys have gleefully challenged notions of gender, upturned the sacred and profane, and always provedconfounding. Questionable, disobedient, unsettling, unexpected: LexieMountain Boys performances range from the frothy & catchy to the downright confusing. For Transmodern 2010, Lexie Mountain Boys create
    an anthropological event and debut the trailer for Nathaniel Fowler’s documentary of the Boys. Fowler, formerly of Baltimore, is known for his work turning parties upside down in the Baltimore Rowdies
    Collective and rock trio Oxes. As driver for the Boys throughout Europe, the UK and Scandinavia, Nat attempts to answer the question ”What is Lexie Mountain Boys?” At the BMA, Lexie Mountain Boys will devise a series of questions for his answer.

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