7th Annual Transmodern Festival April 15 – April 18, 2010


    Blues Control - photo 1Blues Control is Lea Cho and Russ Waterhouse – a keyboard, guitar, and tape music duo from Philadelphia.  Although initially conceived in NYC as a reflection of their love of both classic rock and the avant-garde, Blues Control has since evolved into a far wider-ranging creative outlet.

    After two years of making new age music as Watersports, Russ and Lea played their first Blues Control show in 2006 on a whim.  They have since toured extensively in North America, the UK, and continental Europe; playing galleries, living rooms, museums, discos, and DIY venues.  They’ve also opened for Animal Collective, Cluster, and Henry Flynt; wrote and performed an alternate soundtrack to Lewis Klahr’s Tales of the Forgotten Future; and played for third graders in Oakland.

    After several cassette releases, in 2007 Blues Control put out their first two full-length records: Puff (Woodsist/Fusetron) and Blues Control (Holy Mountain), and in 2008 they put out a 7″ of holiday music as part of Sub Pop’s Singles Club.  In the summer of 2009 they released their third and best record, Local Flavor (Siltbreeze), which placed high on many music critics’ year-end lists.

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