7th Annual Transmodern Festival April 15 – April 18, 2010


    MTADSTILLLaida Lertxundi b.1981. is from Bilbao Spain. She makes experimental films and curates film and video art screenings for XcĂ©ntric programming series at Centre de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona, since 2002. She has curated independently at California Institue of the Arts, Museum of Fine Arts Bilbao-ZineBi and currently teaches at UCSD Visual Arts Program. Her writing has appeared publications by CCCB and Documenta, Madrid. Her work explores the terrain of diegetic space, by creating a particular sound and image syntax. She is interested in the histories of experimental film, the possibility of a feminine language and the blurring of art and life. Her films create moments of “down time” of a time in between events. Much is left beyond the frame and only gestures and moments are captured in these non-stories with non-actors. It has appeared among other places at MoMa (NY), LACMA (Los Angeles), RedCat (Los Angeles), National Gallery of Ireland, and New York Film Festival, Views of the Avant-Garde.

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