Transmodern Age Festival Documentation
March 29 - april 1, 2007

March 29th, Thursday
March 30th, Friday
Load of Fun
March 31st, Saturday
The Creative Alliance
april 1st, Sunday
wyman park dell

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Center for Tactical Magic
Rachel Hoffman
Michelle Nagai
Spoon Popkin

Lauren Bender
Peter B.
Tom Boram
Dan Breen
Autumn Breaud
Theresa Columbus
Fred Van Dyk
John Eaton
Jackie Milad
Rebecca Mills

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Ric Royer/Rahne Alexander (MCS)
Temple Crocker
Oluyemi & Ijeoma Thomas
Nao Bustamante

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Lucas Murgida
Wendy Clupper
Sara Dierck
Melissa Webb, M. Jane Taylor, and Company




Website production, Bonnie Jones - Photos courtesy of Stewart Mostofsky (c) 2007
Additional Sunday photos by Uli Loskot (c) 2007